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Worship Service 10am Sundays at 31 Marcus Rd, Dingley Village

Welcome To Village Church Dingle


We are pleased you have reached our website.Feel free to visit our pages and learn a little more about us. We are inviting you to join us each Sunday morning at 10am for a vibrant and relevant Worship Service which will                                                                                                                                                                           "Inspire You To Discover And Develop Life In Christ"

Click Logo below, scroll down and listen to some great sermons delivered at the 2017 NZ IMPACT CONFERENCE held June 2 -5. 

*Hit the Youtube videos to watch them.

impact IMPACT NZ 2017


 Speakers For March 2018

   4 Mar- Ps Rodney Hole
 11 Feb- Ps Rodney Hole
 18 Mar- Simon Pyatt

 25 Mar- SGA
 30 Mar - Ps Rod Hole - Good Friday - 9am Communion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Programs and Events

Find out about the various programs and events Village Church offers to help bring you closer to God




7am to 8am and 9am to 10am -

17 March - 7 Fiveways Bld.


Every Wednesday morning - 10am - 11am 

Everyone is welcome to come and join in a time of prayer for each other,
our Church and our Community - 7 Fiveways Blvd

Missionaries of the Month

March 2018

Andy and Kellie Utley - The Navigators Monash


Please pray for Andy and Kell's on-going work of bringing the good news of the gospels to students at Monash Uni. Pray for  God's blessings in everything they endeavour to accomplish for His Kingdom.


"Grace or Duty?"

There is no question that we're responsible to pursue holiness with all the intensity the word 'pursue' implies. Every moral imperative in the Bible addresses itself to our responsibility to discipline ourselves unto godliness. we aren't just to turn it all over to the Lord and let Him live His life through us. Rather, we're to love one another, to put to death the misdeeds of the body, and to put off the old man and put on the new man. If we're to make progress in the pursuit of holiness, we must assume our responsibility to discipline or train ourselves. But we are to do all this in total dependence on the Holy Spirit to work in us and strengthen us with the strength that is in Christ".
excerpt taken from "Holiness Day by Day" by author Jerry bridges.

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