Worship Service 10am Sundays at 31 Marcus Rd, Dingley Village

About Us

Our Vision for Village Church is simple.

We exist to Inspire People To Discover And Develop Life In Christ.

There are a number of elements that make this Vision possible:

PARTNERSHIP We are a body of people reaching out into our Community with the message of Salvation achieving this by means of our Counselling Ministries, Hospitality programs, Youth Ministries, social and sporting programs and special evangelistic services.

ADAPTABILITY Prayer is a way of life in our Church, as evidenced through our Small Groups, Prayer chains, collective Prayer times, spontaneous Prayer for needs, Worship Service and Accountability groups. People are regularly involved in Small Groups where nurturing, equipping, caring and relational evangelism is evident.

EQUITY We are a loving and accepting Church demonstrating God’s love and acceptance to people of all ages and backgrounds.

INNOVATION We are actively involved in local events, meeting people’s needs in areas of counselling, parental skills, life skills, relationships and practical helps, making us relevant and necessary in our community.

CREATIVITY Worship permeates all aspects of our lives. Times of corporate worship are celebrative and inspiring. LEADERSHIP In order to fulfil God’s plan we are mobilising, training and equipping our people for ministry. At least 75% of our people are serving out of their giftedness and passion.

SUSTAINABILITY Because we are Christ-Centred and Bible based, we reflect Jesus in our personal living and in our ministries.

Village Church seeks to live out the following values in all we do:

Teamwork …is an enthusiastic group, each working productively in a co-operative effort to achieve a common purpose.

Culturally Relevant …being sensitive, understanding and pertinent to the value and needs of particular cultural groups and individuals that we are serving.

People based ..... our focus in upon the worth and significance of the whole person.

Leadership …is the displaying of integrity in the equipping of other people to serve, setting an example for others to follow.

Effective....to be effective is producing the desired, the intended, or the expected result.

Enthusiasm …is displaying a behavior that is passionate and lively, arousing a consuming interest.

Contemporary ...our behavior and activities are to be distinctively modern in style and content.

"Grace or Duty?"

There is no question that we're responsible to pursue holiness with all the intensity the word 'pursue' implies. Every moral imperative in the Bible addresses itself to our responsibility to discipline ourselves unto godliness. we aren't just to turn it all over to the Lord and let Him live His life through us. Rather, we're to love one another, to put to death the misdeeds of the body, and to put off the old man and put on the new man. If we're to make progress in the pursuit of holiness, we must assume our responsibility to discipline or train ourselves. But we are to do all this in total dependence on the Holy Spirit to work in us and strengthen us with the strength that is in Christ".
excerpt taken from "Holiness Day by Day" by author Jerry Bridges.

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